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Personal Training

pic-personaltraining1_2.pngWorking with a Personal Trainer to monitor your exercise program has many benefits.

  • One benefit is to insure SAFETY throughout your "Training Program" while you are performing an exercise.
  • Another is to monitor your form when you are performing an exercise. PROPER FORM enables the intended development of the muscle groups you are exercising.
  • A third benefit of personal training is maintaining MOTIVATION while you are exercising so you continue to achieve your goals.

In your Home - At the Beach - At the Gym - Personal Training - Diet and Nutritional Counseling - Professional Supervision and Motivation

Our fitness specialist, Dr. Kristina Montellese, offers a fun and motivating selection of cutting edge exercises, designed to challenge your Core, Balance, Agility, Cardiovascular, and Muscular Strength. Regardless of your current fitness level - whether you are looking to bring fitness into your life, or you are a competitive athlete looking for that 'spark' of inspiration to help you break through a current plateau, or rehabilitating an injury, Montellese Family Chiropractic brings together a full spectrum of resources and services to Inspire, Challenge and Enable you to overcome your limitations achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

pic-personaltraining1b_2.pngAt Montellese Family Chiropractic, we take personal training a step farther. Our goal is to prevent injuries, to assist in rehabilitating from injuries when they do occur, and to increase performance by increasing movement efficiency. Our personal training focuses on enhancing functional movement by identifying fitness imbalances, weaknesses, and strengths, and using this information to create a plan to correct imbalances and build on strengths.

Trust in the fact that you are being trained by a knowledgeable health care professional who specializes in the musculoskeletal systems.

The benefits of being trained by a doctor is the knowledge and experience we can bring to you from rehabilitating and preventing sports related, work related and repetitive injuries, every day.

We develop an engaging, comprehensive and effective exercise program for you. The program that we custom design for you will be diverse enough to keep you interested and challenging enough to keep you motivated!

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